Provide choice in vision care services to employers across the country.


Provide choice in vision care services to employers across the country.

Personal data collected

MESVision collects various types of personal and business information, depending on user interactions with their site. This includes:

  1. Personally Identifiable Information:
    • User-Provided: Name, mailing address, email address.
    • Provider Registration: Provider-specific information including provider number and password.
    • Eligibility Verification: Covered person’s name, primary subscriber details, and individually identifiable numbers.
    • Claims Submission: Data similar to eligibility verification, along with services rendered details.
  2. Non-Personally Identifiable Information:
    • General Site Usage: Browser type, IP address, mobile device type and identifier, screen resolution, operating system, visit dates and times, pages visited, time spent on the site.
    • Provider Look Up: Non-personally identifiable information, primarily zip code, city, and/or county for provider searches.
    • Web Analytics: Data on site usage, including origin site, actions/activities performed, and departure site.
  3. Business Information:
    • User Registration/Activation: Company name, contact information, product information, customer ID.
    • Customer Profile Creation: Additional information about the user’s company, such as size and number of employees​.

This comprehensive data collection supports MESVision’s operations, including benefits administration, provider services, and enhancing the overall user experience on their site.

Personal data usage

MESVision utilizes the collected data in various ways to enhance their services and user experience:

  1. Provider and User Services:
    • Provider Registration and Tools: Information collected is used to facilitate provider access to online tools such as eligibility verification and claims submission.
    • Provider’s Request for Covered Person Eligibility: Utilizes the personal data of covered persons to verify eligibility for vision services.
    • Provider Claim Submission: Information used for processing and reimbursement of claims for services provided to covered persons.
  2. Customer and Business Information:
    • Customer Profile: Business information collected during customer profile creation is used to identify users, process requests, and administer accounts.
    • Benefits Administration: Utilizes collected data to determine eligibility for services and to provide payment for claims submitted by participating providers.
  3. Newsletter and Communication:
    • Subscription Services: Information gathered for newsletter subscriptions is used to process requests and send information regarding MESVision’s products and services.
  4. Payment Processing:
    • Credit Card and ACH Payments: Although MESVision does not store credit card or ACH account information, they use third-party services to securely process these transactions.
  5. Web Analytics:
    • Site Interaction: Non-personally identifiable information collected through web analytics is used to understand how users interact with the site and to improve the user experience.
  6. Public Forum Disclosure:
    • Unprotected Information: Information submitted in public forums on the site is not protected by the privacy policy and may be visible to third parties​

This usage of personal data underlines MESVision’s commitment to providing efficient services and support to both providers and customers, ensuring smooth operations within their vision care and benefits administration framework.

Cookies and similar tech

MESVision employs cookies and other related technologies for various functionalities and enhancements on their website:

  1. Use of Cookies:
    • Enhancing User Experience: Cookies support login functionality, deliver personalized content, and collect information about site usage.
    • Analytical Insights: Used to monitor how many people are using the site, frequency of visits, duration of stay, and to dynamically generate content tailored to users’ interests.
    • Ease of Access: Cookies facilitate users by preventing the need to re-enter identification and password information each time they visit the site.
  2. Web Analytics:
    • User Interaction Tracking: Non-personally identifiable information is collected to understand actions and activities performed on the site, including the origin site, what actions are performed, and where users go after leaving the site.
    • Improvement of User Experience: The data gathered through analytics is used to enhance the user’s experience when visiting the site.
  3. Cookie Management:
    • User Control: Users can change browser settings to refuse cookies or to be alerted when cookies are being sent. However, refusal of cookies may affect the availability and functionality of some site features.
    • Renewal and Necessity: Cookies are renewed each time a user logs on, and they are required for accessing certain web-based services or desktop products with online features​

This use of cookies and analytics tools underlines MESVision’s commitment to improving the website’s functionality and ensuring a tailored and efficient user experience.

MESVision account

MESVision provides user account features to facilitate various functionalities and services on their site:

  1. Customer Profile Creation:
    • Purpose: Creating a customer profile is necessary to access certain areas of the site, purchase plans and products, and to request information about MESVision’s products and services.
    • Information Used: This includes the company name, contact information, and other relevant business details about the user’s company, such as size and number of employees.
  2. Benefits Administration Functions:
    • Access Control: MESVision uses passwords from benefit administrators to allow authorized user access to benefit administration functions.
    • Benefit Administrator Role: The benefit administrator is typically someone at the covered person’s company who manages the company’s account.
  3. Security Protocols:
    • Password Protection: The site utilizes passwords for both benefit administrators and other users to access various site functions, enhancing security and ensuring authorized access.
    • Encrypted Communications: Data flowing to and from the site is protected using TLS protocol, with encrypted digital certificates securing the transmission.
  4. Online Functionality:
    • Service Access: User accounts are essential for accessing web-based services or desktop products with online features provided by MESVision.
  5. Confidentiality and Privacy:
    • Information Handling: MESVision is committed to protecting the confidentiality and privacy of the information stored within user accounts. They have measures in place to safeguard against unauthorized access and misuse​

User accounts on MESVision’s site are integral for enabling providers and businesses to effectively manage their vision care plans, access necessary tools, and ensure secure transactions and communications.

Data shared with MESVision

Personally Identifiable Information
User Information
Non-Personally Identifiable Information
App Information
Business Information
Business Relations
Provider-Specific Information
Provider Information
Covered Person’s Information
Healthcare Information
Claims Information
Healthcare Services

Data Breach Incident Overview.

Breach Information
Total number of persons affected
Date(s) Breach Occurred
05/28/2023, 05/31/2023
Date Breach Discovered
Description of Breach
External system breach (hacking)
Notification and Protection Services
Type of Notification
Date(s) of Consumer Notification
Identity Theft Protection Offered
Services Description
12 months of identity monitoring services, including credit monitoring, fraud consultation, and identity theft restoration
Information Acquired
Name or other personal identifier with Social Security Number
Web-based Personal Data Deletion Services
Not Provided
Call to Action Button

Please note that by clicking the ‘Email Now – Demand More’ button, you will be drafting an email to MESVision. The pre-filled email content is a suggestion to advocate for personal information removal services provided by as a response to the recent data breach. You have the option to edit the text of the email before sending it to ensure it aligns with your personal views and circumstances.

How to protect your privacy

MESVision outlines several ways users can manage and protect their personal information:

  1. Access to Personal Information:
    • Requesting Information: Users have the right to inquire if MESVision processes their information and to request access to their personal data.
    • Access Methods: This access can be requested through their Privacy Center or by directly contacting MESVision.
  2. Changes to Personal Information:
    • Updating Information: Users can update or correct their personal information through MESVision’s website.
    • Modification Requests: If the website does not allow certain updates, users can contact MESVision to request modifications.
  3. Deletion of Personal Information:
    • Request for Deletion: Users can request the deletion of their personal information, subject to legal obligations and business purposes.
  4. Objection to Certain Processing:
    • Right to Object: Users may object to the use or disclosure of their personal information by MESVision.
  5. Online Tracking and Cookies:
    • Managing Cookies: Users can control cookie preferences through their browser settings and opt out of behavioral advertising.
  6. Promotional Communications:
    • Opting Out: Users can opt out of receiving promotional emails, mailings, and text messages.
  7. Revocation of Consent:
    • Withdrawing Consent: Users may revoke their consent for the processing of personal information, which may affect the services MESVision can provide.

For any inquiries or actions related to these privacy options, users can contact MESVision via the methods provided in their privacy policy​​.

How to contact MESVision about your privacy

You can contact MESVision via or postal address at:

Attn: Compliance Department
PO Box 25209
Santa Ana CA 92799-5209

Request Information Removal

By clicking the ‘Remove My Information’ button above, you consent to sending an email to the site’s support team requesting the removal of your personal information from their database. You are encouraged to review and customize the email text to ensure it accurately reflects your request. A confirmation of the action taken in response to your email will be requested.