Founded in 1870, is a voluntary association of lawyers and law students.


The Association of the Bar of the City of New York, commonly referred to as the New York City Bar Association, founded in 1870, is a voluntary association of lawyers and law students.

Personal data collected

The NYC Bar Association collects personal data in various situations, particularly when users interact with their website or services. This data may include:

  • Personal Details: Information provided during sign-ups, such as name, contact details, or professional information.
  • Usage Data: Information about how users interact with the website, including pages visited, time spent on the site, and user navigation patterns.
  • Technical Information: Data like IP address, browser type, operating system, and device details.
  • Communication Data: Information from correspondences with the NYC Bar, whether through email, forms, or other communication channels.

NYC Bar uses this data to improve their services, communicate effectively, and ensure the website’s functionality. For a comprehensive list of the data collected and its usage, refer to the NYC Bar Association’s Privacy Policy.

Personal data usage

The NYC Bar Association utilizes the collected data for various purposes:

  • Enhancing User Experience: Customizing content and features based on user preferences and interactions.
  • Service Improvement: Using data to improve the services offered, including legal resources and member support.
  • Security Measures: Employing data to safeguard against unauthorized access, spam, and potential breaches.
  • Research and Development: Analyzing data for improving legal practices, member services, and overall user engagement.

Members and users of the NYC Bar Association’s website have control over their personal data, with options to adjust privacy settings or preferences within their account settings.

Cookies and Similar Technologies

The NYC Bar Association employs cookies and similar technologies as outlined in their privacy policy:

  • Technologies Used: This includes cookies, web beacons, and other tracking mechanisms to collect and analyze data.
  • Purpose: These technologies aid in website functionality, user experience enhancement, content marketing, performance analysis, legal compliance, and fraud prevention.
  • Third-Party Cookies: Partner organizations may also use cookies for analytics and marketing purposes.
  • User Consent and Control: Users are informed about the use of cookies and are provided with options to manage their preferences, including opting out and adjusting browser settings.

For comprehensive details, users are encouraged to review the NYC Bar Association’s privacy policy and cookie notice.

NYC Bar Association User Accounts

Creating an account with the NYC Bar Association allows members and visitors to access a range of features:

  • Networking and Interaction: Members can connect with peers, join legal interest groups, and participate in discussions.
  • Profile Management: Users can manage their professional profiles, including credentials, areas of expertise, and contact information.
  • Access to Resources: The account provides access to legal resources, event registrations, and educational materials.
  • Customized Experience: Users can personalize settings to control information sharing and privacy on the NYCBA platform, ensuring a tailored experience in line with individual preferences and professional needs.”

Data Shared with NYCBAR

Contact Information
Personal Data
IP Address
Technical Data
Usage Data
App Information
Transaction Information
Financial Data
Log Data
Technical Data
Cookie Data
Technical Data
Account Information
Personal Data
Browser and Device Information
Technical Data
Geolocation Data
App Information

Data Breach Incident Overview.

Breach Information
Total number of persons affected
Date(s) Breach Occurred
12/2/2022 – 12/24/2022
Date Breach Discovered
Description of Breach
External system breach (hacking)
Information Acquired
Name or personal identifier with Financial Account Number or Credit/Debit Card Number and security details
Notification and Protection Services
Type of Notification
Date(s) of Consumer Notification
Identity Theft Protection Offered
12 months, 1 Bureau/1 Year
Web-based Personal Data Deletion Services
Not Provided
Call to Action Button

Please note that by clicking the ‘Email Now – Demand More’ button, you will be drafting an email to New York City Bar Association. The pre-filled email content is a suggestion to advocate for personal information removal services provided by as a response to the recent data breach. You have the option to edit the text of the email before sending it to ensure it aligns with your personal views and circumstances.

How to Protect Your Privacy at NYCBA

For NYCBA, a similar approach to protecting your privacy could involve:

  1. Adjusting Privacy Settings: Regularly reviewing and updating your privacy preferences on the NYCBA website or any associated platforms.
  2. Limiting Personal Information: Being cautious about the amount of personal information you share in forms or profiles.
  3. Cookie Management: Managing cookies through your browser settings to control tracking and data collection.
  4. Secure Browsing: Using secure or private browsing modes when accessing NYCBA’s website to minimize data tracking.
  5. Data Requests: Contacting NYCBA to request information about the data they hold about you or to request data deletion.
  6. Account Deletion: If NYCBA offers user accounts, understanding the process to delete or deactivate your account if necessary.

How to Contact New York City Bar Association About Your Privacy

To contact the New York City Bar Association (NYCBA) about privacy concerns, you can use the following methods:

  1. Via Email: For any privacy-related inquiries, you can email NYCBA. Unfortunately, I cannot provide a direct hyperlink to the email, but you can find the specific contact email on the NYCBA’s privacy policy page.
  2. Postal Address: You can also send your privacy-related inquiries by mail to the following address:New York City Bar Association
    42 West 44th Street,
    New York, NY 10036
    Telephone: 212.382.6600

These contact options offer direct channels for addressing privacy questions or concerns related to NYCBA’s data handling and privacy practices.

Request Information Removal

By clicking the ‘Remove My Information’ button above, you consent to sending an email to the site’s support team requesting the removal of your personal information from their database. You are encouraged to review and customize the email text to ensure it accurately reflects your request. A confirmation of the action taken in response to your email will be requested.