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Operates multiple insurance and investment management businesses.


Lincoln National Life Insurance Company, established in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1905, was named after Abraham Lincoln with permission from his son, Robert Todd Lincoln. The company, featuring Lincoln’s likeness in its logo, is now part of Lincoln Financial Group, offering insurance and financial planning services to individuals and employers.

Personal data collected

  1. Purpose of Data Collection:
    • Identification as consumers, customers, or former customers.
    • Processing of requests and transactions.
    • Offering investment, insurance, retirement, and other financial services.
    • Fulfilling and managing insurance claims.
    • Enhancing products and services through analysis.
    • Informing about relevant products or services.
    • Other lawful purposes.
  2. Types of Personal Information Collected:
    • Information Provided by Individuals: Names, addresses, Social Security numbers, financial health, employment history, and potentially voice recordings or biometric data.
    • Transaction Details: Information about products purchased, payment amounts, account balances, payment details, and claims history.
    • External Information: Data from consumer reporting agencies such as credit history and scores, driving and employment records, medical information, retirement information, and Social Security benefits (with authorization).
    • Employer-Provided Information: For group products, information from employers or group representatives.
  3. Usage and Sharing of Personal Information:
    • Shared within Lincoln Financial Group companies and with specific service providers.
    • Used for processing transactions, providing customer service, and enhancing products and services.
    • For gaining customer insights and educating the workforce and customers.
    • To inform individuals about potentially useful products or services.

The information is utilized by Lincoln Financial Group to support their financial services operations, ensure effective customer service, and offer relevant products to their customers. For a more detailed understanding of their data collection and usage, you can refer to the links provided, which lead to specific sections of the Lincoln Financial Group’s Privacy Practices Notice.

Personal data usage

  1. Patient Care and Treatment (Healthcare Sector):
    • Using data for medical treatment and services, including diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing care management.
  2. Billing and Payment (Healthcare and Financial Sectors):
    • Utilizing personal and insurance information for billing in healthcare, and processing financial transactions in banking and commerce.
  3. Healthcare Operations (Healthcare Sector):
    • Enhancing healthcare practices, training medical staff, and managing services to improve quality and efficiency.
  4. Customer Service and Support (Various Sectors):
    • Using personal data to provide customer assistance, resolve issues, and improve user experience in sectors like retail, technology, and services.
  5. Marketing and Personalization (Various Sectors):
    • Leveraging data to tailor marketing efforts, recommend products or services, and personalize user experiences across sectors like retail, e-commerce, and digital services.
  6. Legal Requirements and Compliance (Various Sectors):
    • Adhering to legal obligations, regulatory requirements, and compliance with laws in sectors like finance, healthcare, and telecommunications.
  7. Workforce Management and Employment (Corporate Sector):
    • Using personal data for recruitment, employee management, payroll, and performance evaluation in various business environments.
  8. Research and Development (Technology and Pharmaceutical Sectors):
    • Employing data in research for product development, innovation, and scientific advancement.
  9. Data Security and Fraud Prevention (Various Sectors):
    • Utilizing personal information to secure data, protect against fraudulent activities, and ensure the integrity of services in sectors like banking, e-commerce, and digital platforms.
  10. Operational Improvements and Analytics (Various Sectors):
    • Analyzing data to improve business operations, optimize service delivery, and make informed strategic decisions.

For a comprehensive understanding of personal data usage across sectors, it’s important to recognize that each sector may have specific regulations and practices governing how personal data is collected, used, and protected. These practices are often detailed in privacy policies and sector-specific legal frameworks.

Cookies and Similar Technologies

Lincoln Financial Group and selected third parties use cookies and other online technologies for various purposes:

Data Collection through Cookies:

  • Cookies are used to collect information such as internet browser type, IP address, device ID, operating system version, location, and demographics.
  • This also includes data on areas of the sites visited, content interaction, and visit timing.
  • Automatically collected information may be combined with other personal information obtained, including data from third parties​.

Types of Cookies Used:

  • Required Cookies: Necessary for the functionality of the sites.
  • Functional Cookies: Allow analysis of site usage for functionality and personalization.
  • Advertising Cookies: Used for displaying personalized ads by collecting personal information like IP address, digital identifiers, and interactions with websites and other media. This information may be shared with advertising partners for their purposes​.

Third-Party Engagement:

  • Engagement with third parties to track and analyze data about the sites.
  • These third parties may include web analytics services (e.g., Google, Facebook) to understand site interaction and serve ads.
  • Automated devices and applications are used to evaluate site usage.
  • Third-party cookies and technologies are governed by each third party’s specific privacy policy​

Advertising and Tracking Technologies:

  • Use of technologies like JavaScript, web beacons, Flash LSOs, etc., by third-party ad networks, advertisers, sponsors, and traffic measurement services.
  • These technologies measure ad effectiveness and personalize advertising content.
  • Third parties may collect information such as website origin, IP address, and browser type.
  • Options are available to opt out of certain interest-based advertising through browser or mobile device settings​.

For more detailed information, you can refer to the sections of the Lincoln Financial Group’s privacy document from which this summary was derived.

Lincoln Financial Group User Accounts

Lincoln Financial Group (LFN) acknowledges the importance of the relationship between clients and their financial professionals. In the event a financial professional’s affiliation with LFN ends, and they move to a different financial institution or if the relationship is terminated, the financial professional may be allowed to take copies of all client and account documentation. This includes, but is not limited to, account applications, account statements, and other pertinent forms and information related to the clients and their accounts. This process is designed to enable the financial professional to continue their relationship and provide services to clients through their new firm. Additionally, LFN retains copies of client and account documentation for its records​.

This information highlights how Lincoln Financial Group manages account documentation in relation to its financial professionals and their clients.

Data Shared with The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company

Personal Information
Contact Data
Contact Information
Demographic Data
National Identifier
Employment Details
Emergency Contact Information
Contact Information

Data Breach Incident Overview.

Breach Information
Total number of persons affected (including residents)
Total number of Maine residents affected
Date(s) Breach Occurred
Date Breach Discovered
Description of Breach
Inadvertent disclosure
Information Acquired
Name or other personal identifier in combination with Social Security Number
Notification and Protection Services
Type of Notification
Date(s) of Consumer Notification
Were identity theft protection services offered
One year membership in credit monitoring service
Date of any previous (within 12 months) breach notifications
Web-based Personal Data Deletion Services
Not Provided
Call to Action Button

Please note that by clicking the ‘Email Now – Demand More’ button, you will be drafting an email to Lincoln Financial Group. The pre-filled email content is a suggestion to advocate for personal information removal services provided by Wiperts.com as a response to the recent data breach. You have the option to edit the text of the email before sending it to ensure it aligns with your personal views and circumstances.

How to Protect Your Privacy at Lincoln Financial Group

  1. Limit Sharing with Nonaffiliates: Exercise your rights to limit data sharing for marketing purposes by nonaffiliated entities.
  2. State Laws and Individual Rights: Utilize additional rights provided by state laws and individual companies to further limit data sharing.
  3. Security Measures: Be aware that the organization employs safeguards to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, which includes computer safeguards and secure files and buildings.
  4. Employee Access and Training: Understand that employees have authorized access to personal information only when necessary for their job responsibilities, are required to keep this information confidential, and undergo annual privacy training.
  5. Rights Regarding Personal Information: Familiarize yourself with your rights concerning your personal information as described in the Privacy Notice. This may include rights to access, correct, or delete your personal data, or to opt out of certain uses of your data.
  6. California Residents: If you are a California resident, review the specific privacy rights and options available under the California Privacy Notice.

These guidelines provide a framework for understanding how you can interact with and influence the handling of your personal information, ensuring its protection and the exercise of your privacy rights​​.

How to Contact Lincoln Financial Group About Your Privacy

To contact Lincoln Financial Group (LFG) about privacy concerns, you can use the following methods:

  • Email: For inquiries related to personal information, you can email LFG’s Data Subject Access Request Team at DSAR@lfg.com.
  • Postal Address: You can send mail to LFG at the following address:
    • Lincoln Financial Group
    • Attn: Corporate Privacy Office
    • 1301 S. Harrison St.
    • Fort Wayne, IN 46802

These contact methods provide direct channels for addressing privacy-related questions or concerns with Lincoln Financial Group​.

Request Information Removal

By clicking the ‘Remove My Information’ button above, you consent to sending an email to the site’s support team requesting the removal of your personal information from their database. You are encouraged to review and customize the email text to ensure it accurately reflects your request. A confirmation of the action taken in response to your email will be requested.