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Wyoming County Community Health System has been serving Wyoming County and the surrounding area for over 110 years and continues its commitment of providing outstanding healthcare services for our rural community.

Personal data collected

The Wyoming County Community Health System (WCCHS) collects personal data in various situations, especially when patients and guests interact with their services. This data collection includes:

  1. Personal Details: Information such as names, contact details, health history, and other personal health information provided during medical consultations or treatments.
  2. Health and Treatment Information: Data about patients’ medical conditions, treatments, and health insurance information.
  3. Technical Information: Details like IP addresses or website interaction data if patients or guests use WCCHS’s digital platforms.
  4. Communication Data: Information gathered from interactions with WCCHS, which could include correspondences, inquiries, or feedback.

WCCHS uses this data primarily for healthcare purposes, including treatment, billing, and healthcare operations. Their practices aim to ensure the functionality of services and effective communication with patients and guests. For a detailed understanding of the data collected and its usage, you can refer to WCCHS’s Notice of Privacy Practices (HIPAA).

Personal data usage

  1. Patient Care and Treatment: Utilizing data for providing medical treatment and services.
  2. Billing and Payment: Using personal and insurance information for billing purposes.
  3. Healthcare Operations: Improving healthcare practices, training medical staff, and managing healthcare services.
  4. Legal Requirements: Adhering to legal obligations, including public health reporting and compliance with laws.
  5. Patient Rights and Preferences: Respecting patients’ choices about their data use, including disclosures to family members or others involved in their care.

For a comprehensive understanding of how WCCHS uses collected personal data, you can refer to their Notice of Privacy Practices (HIPAA).

Cookies and Similar Technologies


WCCHS User Accounts

  1. Health Information Access: Patients can view their health records, including lab results and medical history.
  2. Appointment Management: Schedule or change appointments directly through the portal.
  3. Communication: Secure messaging with healthcare providers for consultations or follow-ups.
  4. Personal Data Management: Update personal information and manage account settings.
  5. Privacy Controls: Control over personal health information and its sharing, aligned with HIPAA regulations.

For detailed information on the features and privacy aspects of the WCCHS Patient Portal, please refer to their Patient Portal and Notice of Privacy Practices.

Data Shared with NYCBAR

Health Records
Medical Data
Appointment Details
Service Usage
Messages with Healthcare Providers
Personal Information Updates
Account Data

Data Breach Incident Overview.

Breach Information
Total number of persons affected
Date(s) Breach Occurred
Date Breach Discovered
Description of Breach
External system breach (hacking)
Information Acquired
Name or personal identifier with Financial Account Number or Credit/Debit Card Number and security details
Notification and Protection Services
Type of Notification
Date(s) of Consumer Notification
Identity Theft Protection Offered
12 months of credit monitoring, dark web monitoring, $1 million identity fraud loss reimbursement policy, and fully managed identity theft recovery services
Web-based Personal Data Deletion Services
Not Provided
Call to Action Button

Please note that by clicking the ‘Email Now – Demand More’ button, you will be drafting an email to WCCHS. The pre-filled email content is a suggestion to advocate for personal information removal services provided by Wiperts.com as a response to the recent data breach. You have the option to edit the text of the email before sending it to ensure it aligns with your personal views and circumstances.

How to Protect Your Privacy at WCCHS

To protect your privacy based on the guidelines from Wyoming County Community Health System (WCCHS), you could follow these steps:

  1. Review Privacy Practices: Familiarize yourself with WCCHS’s HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices to understand how they handle your personal health information.
  2. Exercise Your Rights: Understand your rights under HIPAA, including the right to access and request corrections to your health information.
  3. Limit Information Disclosure: Be cautious about the amount of personal information you share, especially in optional fields on forms.
  4. Secure Communication: Use secure methods when communicating personal health information with WCCHS.
  5. Data Requests and Corrections: Contact WCCHS if you need to access your health information or request corrections.
  6. Privacy Concerns: If you have concerns about how your information is being used, you can contact WCCHS to discuss or file a complaint.

How to Contact Wyoming County Community Health System About Your Privacy

To contact Wyoming County Community Health System (WCCHS) about privacy concerns, you can use the following methods:

  • Email: For privacy-related inquiries, you can email WCCHS at info@wcchs.net.
  • Postal Address: You can send mail to WCCHS at: Wyoming County Community Health System 400 North Main Street Warsaw, NY 14569
  • Telephone: For direct inquiries, you can call WCCHS at 585-786-2233. Additionally, for TDD services, the number is 800-662-1220.

These contact methods provide direct channels for addressing privacy-related questions or concerns with WCCHS​​.

Request Information Removal

By clicking the ‘Remove My Information’ button above, you consent to sending an email to the site’s support team requesting the removal of your personal information from their database. You are encouraged to review and customize the email text to ensure it accurately reflects your request. A confirmation of the action taken in response to your email will be requested.